Behind my tough, tattooed exterior, I’m just a frick-fracking hopeless romantic. Whether it’s an adorable couple on the street having a moment together, catching a glimpse of newly weds on their special day, or even watching those gotti women on TV saying "yes to the dress", I can’t help but tear up! I simply love love.

As a kid, whenever I’d visit family in Poland, I always enjoyed going to visit my grandmother the most - she had albums upon albums of family photos, and I 'd be overwhelmed with emotion any time I'd flip through them. Even then I knew how important the preservation of memories were, and my nostalgic nature and soft heart has led me to this point.

After looking through the photos of my own nuptials, I realized that pursuing a career in photography was just a natural progression for me.

This is why I do what I do!


Photography bucket list:

  • CNE engagement/couple session
  • Toronto City Hall elopement
  • Las Vegas Elvis elopement
  • Anything in the desert
  • Anything in the Alpacas
  • Intimate cuddle session in a bathtub