One ring to rule them all // My wife made my wedding band

In working with couples about to be married, Jess and myself are routinely asked questions about our own wedding. Things such as where our ceremony was, where we had our reception, where we got our attire, and also where we found our wedding bands. While I did purchase her engagement ring and wedding band from a jewelry store (which she is very happy with I might add!), people are amazed and intrigued by my wedding band - because Jess made it!

When looking for my wedding band, I told Jess that I wanted something simple and functional, and that I didn’t want any diamonds or anything inlaid in it. My only real want for it was that it be silver in color because I’m not a fan of yellow gold. I’m not a fussy person or prone to wanting to look flashy, and since I do work with my hands, I needed something that would also hold up to the daily wear and tear that I knew it would go through.

Jess eventually found a small, independently owned jewelry shop in our neighbourhood called The Devil’s Workshop, which offers a variety of classes and workshops - one of them being for making wedding bands. She booked a time to go in, spent the day learning silversmithing, and made the wedding band that I’ve been wearing since we got married.

I love it. It is exactly what I wanted, and I doubt that we would even be able to find something like this ready made at a store. And more importantly, my wedding band is something that my wife made for me. How cool is that?

Jess intentionally left the outside of the band rough looking. Not only does that have a huge aesthetic appeal to me and really does look like it was handmade, this type of finish also works really well to disguise the abuse that its been through in the past year and a half. Like I mentioned earlier, I do work with my hands, and it's very easy for anything that I have on me to get dinged up in the process.

And to top it off, it’s also 100% silver. Which is awesome, because if I’m ever confronted by a werewolf...POW!... I’ll get ‘em right in the kisser!

For couples who are in the process of planning their weddings and are looking to do something special for each other, we highly recommend taking a look at jewelry shops that offer services like this. Not only can you walk away with a piece that is totally unique that you made yourself, it is a surprisingly budget friendly alternative. Check out The Devil’s Workshop or The Den if you’re interested in creating your own handmade wedding bands!

Fun fact - in these pictures, that is the actual boutonniere that I wore at our wedding!